Man ‘kills brother after he repeatedly asked him to leave their house so girlfriend could stay over’

Himanshu Verma allegedly bludgeoned his brother to death with a dumbbell 

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An Indian man has allegedly been brutally murdered by his younger brother for telling him to leave the house because his girlfriend was visiting.

Hitesh Verma, 28, a Sanskrit lecturer in New Delhi, was reportedly bludgeoned to death with a dumbbell after telling his 23-year-old brother Himanshu to leave their shared apartment so his girlfriend could come over.

Police were called to the scene after receiving a call about a body found lying in a drain at 3:00am on Monday, police said, and interviewed Himanshu after identifying his brother’s body.

The younger brother claimed Hitesh had been killed by two men who forced themselves into their apartment. Police found no signs of forced entry however, and the brothers’ landlord said he had not seen anyone enter the apartment.

“When the deceased was identified, a police team spoke to his brother who cooked up a story. He told the police that two men had barged into their house and murdered his brother,” the officer told NDTV. 

When asked why he did not do anything to save his older brother, police claimed Himanshu confessed to killing Hitesh and revealed where he had hidden the alleged murder weapon under a bed.

He alleged to police his brother often forced him to leave the house so his friends or girlfriend could come over and that on Monday night he had refused to leave due the cold weather outside. The brothers then got into a fight before Himanshu allegedly killed him.

“Himanshu stated that Hitesh fell in love with a girl after he started his job, but kept the relationship a secret,” an investigator told the Hindustan Times.

“He feared that Himanshu would complain to their parents. However, after some time, Hitesh told Himanshu about the girl and she started visiting them often. He said that each time she visited, Hitesh would ask him to leave the house, which enraged him.” 

Himanshu has been charged with murder.