Man on trial after driving over toddler


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The man at the centre of a case that prompted moral outrage and soul-searching across China, when he failed to stop after driving a van over a toddler, has gone on trial charged with causing the wrongful death of two-year-old Wang Yue.

A video of the incident, in which "Yue Yue" is struck by the van on a street in southern China in October last year, was watched by millions worldwide after it emerged that another 18 people passed by in the next few minutes and ignored the dying child.

The video shows the van strike the toddler and then resume driving, with its rear right wheel running over her. Subsequently, 18 people walked or cycled past her. Another van struck her as the girl's mother came looking for her.

Yue Yue succumbed to her injuries a week later at a hospital in Guangzhou.

According to a statement from the prosecutor, Mr Hu is accused of hitting the girl, and of failing to stop to help her.

He was driving in poor light without headlights. According to the statement, Mr Hu thought he had hit something but failed to stop and check.