Man uses a broom to save toddler dangling from fourth-floor window

The girl had tripped and fallen out of the window

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A video has emerged of a man saving the life of a little girl who was dangling from her neck four floors up after falling out of an apartment window.

The toddler was screaming for help when she was spotted by Wang Baoping, who was walking past on the street below in a town in China.

Seeing the little girl, he raced up the four flights of stairs to rescue her.

In the video, he is seen leaning precariously out of a neighbouring window and using a mop he found on the way to support her weight, before she is eventually pulled back inside.


She had become stuck in the metal bars surrounding the windows of the apartment where she lived in Shangdong, China.

He held her there for 20 minutes before her parents eventually pulled her back inside.

The little girl was reportedly unhurt.

Speaking to Chinese Central Television, a resident from the apartment block, said: "I think his brave and courageous actions are worthy of praise."