MH370 Search: 'Plane door' found on same island where wing was discovered is in fact 'domestic ladder'

The search for answers continues

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Malaysian officials have that a piece of debris, reported by some to be form part of an aeroplane door, is in fact a "domestic ladder."

Reports were coming from the French territory of Reunion, which is close to Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. This morning's reports suggest that the piece of wreckage was found further around the 2,500 square kilometre island where a 'wing' was found this week.

The MH370 flight went off the radar on 8 March 2014, with 227 passengers and 12 members of crew on board. It’s believed that there are no survivors from the incident.

At this stage there has been no confirmation that debris found comes from the missing flight, although a part of a wing found washed up has been confirmed to be from a Boeing 777.

The debris found earlier this week believed to be part of a wing

Officials on the island, first colonised by the French in the 1640s, were inspecting the new found object, but Malaysian Director General of Civil Aviation Azharuddin Abdul Rahman told The Associated Press that a piece of debris found on a beach near the town of Saint-Denis on Sunday morning had nothing to do with the investigation involving the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

Rahman said "I'm the one leading the investigation in France for the analysis of the (wing flap) piece brought back. I read all over media it (the new debris) was part of a door. But I checked with the Civil Aviation Authority, and people on the ground in Reunion, and it was just a domestic ladder."

The news comes just hours after one Saint Andre local came forward to tell reporters that he’d found an aircraft seat that he believes also comes from the missing jet, which was travelling from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Bejing.


Speaking to The Telegraph, Nicolas Ferrier, a beach cleaner on the island in the Indian Ocean, described how he has found suitcases whilst fulfilling his cleaning duties in the last few months too. He claims to have found the debris at the beginning of May this year, saying “It was probably part of that plane.”