Militants set Nato tankers on fire

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At least 20 oil tankers en route to supply Nato troops in Afghanistan were set ablaze in Pakistan yesterday by militants. Three guards were killed in the attack by a dozen gunmen near Islamabad.

Omar Hayat, a senior Pakistani policeman, said: "Gunmen opened fire and set fire to the tankers parked on the roadside. It's a big fire."

Pakistan will only re-open a supply route for coalition troops in Afghanistan once public anger over NATO incursions eases and security improves, the foreign ministry spokesman said on yesterday.

Militants on Saturday threatened more attacks on tankers to avenge the incursions, after setting fire to three dozen vehicles.

Angered by repeated incursions by NATO helicopters, Pakistan blocked a supply route for NATO troops in Afghanistan after one strike killed three Pakistani soldiers on Thursday in the northwestern Kurram region.