Mind the bump? Chinese commuter complains to manufacturer after fake pregnancy belly falls off on subway


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Those lucky pregnant women, with their swollen ankles and morning sickness, are all-but guaranteed a nice, comfy seat on the underground.

Commuters will happily leap up from their spot at the mere sight of a ballooning belly (unless, of course, the woman is at the beginning of her second trimester and you’re forced to play popular public transport game ‘paunch or pregnant?’ which can have serious consequences if you get the answer wrong).

This week it has emerged that one woman in Beijing hates standing so much that she actually purchased a fake silicon belly to wear on crowded subways in the hope of encouraging others to give up their seat for her.

However, the ruse failed after the belt tying it to her waist came loose and the belly farcically dropped to the ground, much to the amusement of fellow travellers. The woman then lodged a complaint with the manufacturers, who all had a good laugh about it too.

If anyone wants to try it over here but wishes to avoid such humiliation, then why not just hit up the Pizza Hut buffet, pin one of those ‘baby on board’ badges to your lapel, hop on board and wait for everyone to vacate their seats? Commuting bliss awaits.