Mud landslide traps at least 100 people

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More than 100 people have been buried by a landslide in southwestern China and there is little hope for their survival.

Days of torrential rain caused the landslide which slammed into the village of Dazhai in Guizhou province, trapping 107 people.

Rescue efforts were hindered by the rain which threatened to wash more mud down hill slopes.

Premier Wen Jiabao asked rescuers to make an exceptional effort to reach those trapped and also to "prevent similar accidents happening in nearby areas, to protect people's lives," state-run China National Radio reported.

An official, interviewed by state broadcaster CCTV, said nearly half a hill had collapsed, engulfing a wide area in soil. Large areas of southern China have been hit by flooding in the last week, with at least 239 people killed and another 109 missing – not including those from Monday's landslide.