Neoguri storm leaves 'three dead, dozens injured' as it sweeps Japan

At least three people have died after Neoguri storm sent mud and rock tumbling down across Japan

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One of the biggest summer storms to ever hit Japan is battering the country with heavy rain and strong wind, killing at least three people and injuring more than 50, after sweeping the southern islands of Okinawa

An 83-year old man was reported dead after falling into a swollen river in Fukushima, which is still haunted by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant tragedy- the largest civilian nuclear disaster since Chernobuyl.

Meanwhile, in the town of Nagiso in central Japan, a 12-year boy was killed after rocks fell off and boulders swept away his home, bringing to death toll from the storm to three people on Thursday.

There are two nuclear plants on Kyushu and one on Shikoku, which is also being hit by torrential rains, but no incidents have been registered so far, Reuters reported.


Neoguri, which first threatened Japan as a "super typhoon", has weakened to a tropical storm, but Japanese authorities have warned that it still is carrying wind gusts of up to 126 kph and the situation remains dangerous.

"The chance of violent winds has pretty much vanished, but rain is still a concern in many places," a spokesperson from the Japan Meterological Agency said. "There are some places that may get as much as a month's worth of rain over the next 24 hours."

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