New video emerges of Indian Rohtak sisters attacking another alleged sexual harasser

The sisters gained worldwide notoriety after a video emerged of them attacking three men who allegedly sexually harassed them on a bus

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Just 24 hours after a video of two Indian sisters confronting a group of men who allegedly harassed them went viral; a new video has emerged that reportedly shows the two sisters attacking another man who they say verbally abused them.

The video that emerged across Indian news channels earlier today, captures the two women, Arti, 22, and Pooja Kumar, 19, physically attacking an unnamed man after he reportedly  directed sexually provocative comments towards them at a public park in the women’s hometown of Rohtak, Haryana.

The video of the incident, which is said to have been filmed in October, shows the two girls kicking and punching the man as he attempts to fend off the sisters’ blows.

Speaking to the Indian broadcaster NDTV, Pooja Kumar confirmed that it was the two sisters that appeared in the video and that the incident had occurred over a month ago. When asked whether the new video had been released to raise publicity for the sisters, Kumar told NDTV: “I'm in the news so these videos are now coming out.

“These videos must have been shot by passers-by who might have been worried about my safety.”

Following the release of the new video, many on social media sites criticised the sisters and questioned whether the girls were really fighting back against harassment.

Reacting to the criticism, Pooja Kumar told NDTV: “More videos will emerge. I am 19 and have been harassed by 2000 boys in my life....wherever i got the chance, I beat them up.”

The two women gained notoriety on Monday, when a video emerged of the sisters using a belt to hit a group of men who had allegedly touched them inappropriately on a bus in Rhotak.

Following the incident, the sisters told the Times of India: “We fought the assaulters all alone. No one came forward to help us as the youth hit us and even pushed us out of the moving bus.”

The sisters said that they reported the incident to police, but the authorities initially failed to respond.

Police reported that the men were arrested on Sunday evening.

The video was subsequently shared by thousands across social media sites and viewed by millions worldwide, gaining the women supporters in and outside of India.

ML Khattar Chief Minister of Haryana said that a cash reward of 31,000 rupees each would be given to the women and it was also announced that the two sisters would be rewarded with an award by the government on Republic Day.