Nine injured in knife attack at Chinese railway station

The attack happened in a square outside Guangzhou train station

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Nine people have been injured at a train station in China after two people attacked a crowd with knives.

Police fatally shot one of the suspects at the station in Guangzhou, while another was captured and taken into custody.

Police say they do not yet know the motive for the attack and say that its circumstances are still under investigation.

According to footage posted on social media the attack took place in a public square outside the station.

One video shows a baton-wielding security office facing down a man with a cleaver near a street vendor’s staff.


Photographs show blood smeared over the pavement.

China has suffered a spate of knife attacks in recent years, including at schools.

 A knife rampage at a railway station in the city of Kunming in South West China killed 29 people around a year ago.

In that case, local authorities blamed to attack on separatists in the province of Xinjiang.

Earlier this week a non-fatal blade attack on the US ambassador to South Korea was hailed by the North Korean government as a “deserved punishment” carried out by “the knife of justice”.