North and South Korea hold talks on reopening joint factory park in Kaesong


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North and South Korea have moved closer to reopening a jointly run industrial park, raising hopes for an improvement in ties between rivals that in the spring were threatening to go to war.

There was no word about when operations might resume, but the meeting, while not conclusive, can be considered progress after six failed rounds of talks, the last of which ended in a scuffle.

The industrial complex in North Korea’s third-largest city, Kaesong, had been the last symbol of co-operation until Pyongyang halted operations earlier this year, with threats to launch nuclear missiles against Washington and Seoul.

The Koreas released a statement saying they will “actively” make efforts to help South Korean companies repair facilities and resume operations at Kaesong.

The chief South Korean delegate, Kim Kiwoong, indicated cautious optimism.

In an unexpected twist, both countries said they want to attract foreign companies to the park and would allow it to have internet and mobile phone connections if operations resume.