North Korea: Kim Jong-un's latest propaganda video reveals 'Russian cruise missile'

A 50-minute video shown on state television appears to show a North Korean ship as it launches a cruise missile

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A North Korean propaganda video appears to briefly show a newly acquired cruise missile, South Korean and US experts believe.

It is believed to be similar to a Russian KH-35 Uran missile which is used to target ships and can carry a 150 kg war head.

The suspected cruise missile appeared for just a second at the end of 50-minute propaganda video, which has been shared across YouTube and social media, between montages of Kim Jong-un laughing, soldiers talking and tanks firing.

Experts believe the missile shown is a modified version of the KH-35 due to its external appearance, which was originally developed in the 1980s and 1990s and has a range of 130 kilometres.

The country is currently under an UN sanctions on its weapons and nuclear programmes put in place after it conducted its first nuclear tests in 2006.

There is now debate as to how the country could have obtained the fast sea-skimming missile. If it was exported directly from Moscow this would breach the embargo put in place on Pyongyang, although it could also have been acquired from Myanmar or the black market, the BBC reports.

North Korea expert Jeffrey Lewis wrote on the 38 North website that the missile would be a "potentially destabilising addition to North Korea's missile arsenal".

“The possibility that North Korea might sell KH-35 technology to others ... is not a happy thought,” he added.