North Korea has threatened a nuclear strike on Washington D.C. in a new propaganda video.

The four minute film, entitled "Last Chance," runs through the history of relations between the US and North Korea.

It features footage taken during the Korean War of 1950-1953, the capture of the USS Pueblo in 1968 - the only American naval vessel in captivity - and the shooting down of an American helicopter in 1994.

Also shown is a barrage of rocket and artillery fire.

Towards the end of the film, a computer-animated missile fired from a submarine soars through the clouds before slamming in to the road in front of the Lincoln Memorial, sending a nuclear shock wave through Washington D.C.

A message on screen reads: "Choose, United States. Whether the country called United States continues to exist in this planet depends on your choice."

The video, uploaded to the North's YouTube channel DPRK Today, also warns the state would "not hesitate" to attack the US with nuclear weapons if "American imperialists even make the slightest move against us".

It ends with the US flag engulfed in flames.

Defiant North Korea 'fires ballistic missiles into the sea'

Tensions surrounding North Korea have been high since the state carried out its fourth nuclear test in January.

The hermit kingdom recently threatened a nuclear strike against the US in retaliation for new United Nations sanctions, imposed this month to punish the North for its recent nuclear and ballistic missile tests. 

Additional reporting by AP