North Korea says it is has 'no interest' in an Iran-style nuclear deal

The regime of King Jong-un says it is "illogical" to compare it to Tehran

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North Korea has rejected the idea of striking an Iran-style nuclear deal with the West as “illogical” because its missiles provide an “essential deterrence” against what it sees as American aggression.

Kim Jong-un's regime scotched any notion that it would follow Tehran’s example, releasing a statement that it had no interest in giving up nukes in exchange for the lifting of sanctions imposed by the United States, the EU and the United Nations.

A statement released by the foreign ministry slammed “US military hostilities” such as joint military drills with South Korea. In March, the North Korean People's Army (KPA) fired two missiles into the sea in response to the exercises, which Pyongyang said would bring the peninsula "towards the brink of war".

The statement, released by the foreign ministry to state media, said: "It is not logical to compare our situation with the Iranian nuclear agreement because we are always subjected to provocative US military hostilities, including massive joint military exercises and a grave nuclear threat.

"We do not have any interest at all on dialogue for unilaterally freezing or giving up our nukes."

The United States and five world powers struck a deal with Iran last week that will limit Iran's nuclear capabilities in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

On Monday, the UN Security Council voted unanimously to endorse the deal, in a resolution which authorises the lifting of sanctions in return for the curbing of Tehran’s nuclear activities.

Additional reporting by Reuters