Ox rescued from a manhole in China

Video: It took a whole fire crew and eight construction workers to lift the 200kg creature

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Whether it was tired from ploughing or pulling a cart, we may never know, but an ox in China obviously found its living situation not up to scratch.

Last month, the ox disappeared from a farm in Jiangzi Province, China, and somehow ended up in a manhole.

His owner, local farmer Mr Deng, found his stray ox stuck in the small space and called a fire crew to help rescue the creature.

However, when the crew arrived, they were not able to lift the 200kg animal out of the hole.

In the end, eight workers from a construction site nearby helped the fire team. They tied the rope around the ox's neck and one of its legs and then pulled the creature up through the hole, with one man helping to push the animal from behind to get it up over the edge.

It is not known what new rules will be put in place by Mr Deng to stop his runaway ox disappearing once more, although video did show the ox trying to trot away down the road the minute it was released.

Clearly, Deng and the ox need to settle their differences.