Popular Japanese hot spring Fudo no Yu closed down after repeated complaints of 'lewd' behaviour and orgies

The spring was popular with tourists for its views of the Hoki River, but proved too popular with certain groups

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A popular hot spring in Japan, famed for its views of the Hoki River, has been closed down after an ongoing string of complaints of lewd acts and orgies being carried out in its waters.

The Fudo no Yu hot spring near Tokyo, which cost 200 Yen (around £1) to visit, has been closed by the Shiobara Hot Spring Tourism Association, it stated on its website.

Despite the popularity of the springs, which attracted around 60 bathers each weekend, regular complaints had been made to the management in the past year about people repeatedly engaging in “lewd acts,” some of which had been filmed and posted online, according to the Tokyo Reporter.


Fudo no Yu reportedly  operated without managerial supervision and was instead run on an “honour” system, in which people would leave their money somewhere for the management to collect it, rather than paying someone stationed at the door.

A group that regularly visited the hot springs made up of about 14 middle-aged men and several young women, is thought to have taken advantage of this policy when descending on the springs to engage in the sex acts.

Shigeki Tashiro, the head of the Fukuwatari neighbourhood council, told the Toyko Reporter that action had to be taken, despite the spring’s popularity as a tourist destination.

“With the resort being promoted by the prefecture as a tourist attraction, it was a tough decision,” he said, “however, if left as is, the image of the area as tourist destination could be downgraded.”