Remarkable survival for toddler who drank sulphuric acid

Video of the three-year-old shows some horrific injuries

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A three-year-old child in China has suffered horrific burns to his mouth and neck after accidentally swallowing sulphuric acid.

Video of the child in hospital after the tragic accident shows the boy with purplish scars all over his face and down his neck.

His mother explained that she let him out of the house to play and just a few minutes later he came running back, crying and foaming at the mouth.

Warning: This video contains footage some viewers might find distressing

The young boy had found a bottle on the floor and drank it. Doctors later confirmed that it was concentrated sulphuric acid.

His mother rushed the boy to hospital where he still remains.

"He can't chew or swallow anything," she told reporters. "The milk and medicine are fed via a tube in his stomach and his mouth was totally burned."

Doctors are still working to find out the extent of the damage to the boy beyond the burning of his mouth and neck.