Several child murders in the last month shocks Bangladesh as public lynching continues to be a problem

A month on from of a thirteen-year-old boy being lynched, a twelve-year-old child was tortured and murdered on Monday

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Rakib Hawladar died of injuries he suffered after allegedly being tortured by a former employer on Monday. Hawladar previously worked at a car garage, Sharif Motors’ in Khulna city, but reportedly faced cruelty from the owner, which led to the twelve-year old boy finding different employment.

The owner, Omar Sharif, along with two other suspects has been accused of pumping air into the child’s body as punishment for leaving the garage.

The doctor who treated the twelve-year old at Khulna Medical College and Hospital says Hawladar’s intestines tore apart and his lungs burst due to an “abnormal amount” of air in his body.

This is just one of several child murders in Bangladesh in the last month.

Al Jazeera has also reported two other children have been killed this week. On Tuesday, Sumaiya Akhter died after being beaten by her father and mother, who attempted to show locals they are experts at exorcism. And the following day, a madrassa student Robiul Awal was beaten to death, after being suspected of stealing fish.

The video above explains that several of these attacks happen because there is a lack of faith in the justice system.