Singapore police fatally shoot man outside major Asian security conference

Delegates from around the world were meeting at the Shangri-La hotel, including the US defence secretary

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Singapore police have confirmed they fatally shot one man and detained two others at a roadblock outside a security conference attended by high ranking ministers and officials.

The shooting occurred when police stopped a vehicle at the roadblock which accelerated after it was asked to open its boot and rammed into barricades.

Police opened fire on the vehicle, with three occupants, when it was deemed to be “endangering the lives of officers,” according to a statement.

It is believed the incident is drug-related, after substances thought to be drugs were found on one of the two people detained, the other was fatally wounded by police fire.


Along with other dignitaries, US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter was at the summit, which is a major event in the Asia-Pacific region held in the exclusive Shangri-La hotel.

The defence secretary left shortly afterwards, but US officials had been unaware of the event until they heard reports some hours later.

The conference was not interrupted by the incident, but security at the venue was increased and traffic was rerouted.

Police said they were in control of the situation.

Additional reporting by AP