Tearful Bali bomber gets life

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An Islamic school teacher who made a tearful apology for his role in last year's Bali terror attacks, was spared the firing squad yesterday and sentenced instead to life imprisonment.

Ali Imron, 33, admitted to building one of the two bombs that ripped through the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar on 12 October, killing 202 people.

Two other Bali bombers, including Imron's brother, are awaiting execution after they defiantly showed no remorse. During their trials they said they were happy to become Islamic martyrs in their fight against the US and its allies.

Judge Mulyani said the five-judge panel took into consideration Imron's apology and his co-operation with authorities, including testifying against other Bali defendants.

"He has been helpful ... he shows remorse and he has instructed his students and family not to follow his path," the judge said. "But his crime is extraordinary. Not only has he been responsible for killing 202 people but his crime has had far-reaching effects on the community."

Imron was arrested in January. Shortly afterwards he appeared at a news conference in which he apologised to the victims' families and showed how he and others assembled the explosives.

During his trial, he broke down in tears several times and said he believed the attacks were not in accordance with Islamic teachings. (AP)