Tokyo company hires 'good-looking' men to wipe away female employee's tears

The men would even sit in the employees' cubicles watching sad films, waiting for the women to cry

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For all those women who need a good cry at work or just like having attractive men with hankies around, Rocket Inc. has the solution.

The Japanese company hired men to wipe away the tears of their female employees after watching sad films. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the women can be seen mostly just looking awkward (and dry-eyed) as a man pushes a handkerchief against their cheek. 

The founder of the service, Hiroki Terai, believes that Japanese women are "tired nowadays, I have started this business wishing that those women can relieve their stress with tears and get healed by good-looking guys." 

Apparently the female employees of Rocket Inc. "just go to the bathroom to cry behind it," so board director Mitsue Kujime believes they deserve better.

"We purchased this service for our female employees. They are working very hard with men and not being treated gently despite the fact they are female."

The men hired to gently dab away the tears would even sit in the employees' cubicles, earning 7,900 yen (around £43) waiting for the of course inevitable tears to flow. 

How singing and rapping fits into the service is anyone's guess.