Toyota's Father's Day advert shows 'both sides' of father-daughter relationship

'Heartwarming' video tells (mainly car-related) incidents in daughter's life from her father's perspective... and then re-tells them from hers

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Toyota Japan has released a Father's Day-themed advert showing 'two-sides' of a father-daughter relationship.

The intentionally heart-warming video, titled 'Loving Eyes', has proved popular online.

The first-half of the three-and-a-half minute-long film tells the story from the point of view of the father, and then shows the same incidents as seen by his daughter - largely from the back or passenger seat of her father's car.

The father at first drives a hatchback and later a minivan as his daughter grows up.

The conclusion of the advert, however, is the promotion of Toyota's collision alarm system, which saves the father, his daughter and his grandchild from hitting the car in front.