Traffic warden taken for a ride by rogue driver


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A traffic warden in Hanoi clung to the windshield wipers of a bus for more than half a mile after the driver tried to avoid a ticket.

When Nguyen Manh Phan told the bus driver to pull over on Monday, the driver sped off – but not before Phan had leapt on to the front. Footage of the incident has become a YouTube hit, showing Mr Phan dangling precariously as the bus hits 31mph while oncoming traffic whizzes past.

The driver, Phung Hong Phuong, finally pulled over and was arrested. He now faces a maximum three-year prison sentence. Even with the bus stopped, Mr Phan stood calmly in front of it, still hanging on to the wipers.

Mr Phuong had been released from prison in 2010 after serving nearly four years for a fatal traffic accident.