Two-headed piglet found near temple in China

Animal has become a local celebrity and is being carefully looked after

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A two-headed piglet has been discovered outside a Buddhist temple in China.

The animal, which has four eyes, two working mouths but only three ears, has reportedly been adopted by a kind-hearted passer-by.




Its legs are too weak to support the weight of its two heads, so the small animal – which has apparently become something of a local sensation in Xinkou Town, Tjianin – requires constant care.

Yang Jinliang, who has taken it upon himself to care for the animal, has reportedly been feeding the piglet with baby formula and claims it is able to use both mouths to eat.

The new owner hopes to keep the pig should it survive, a Chinese newspaper reported.

Previously, similar such animals tended to die after only a few days. In June, a two-headed pig was born in Chongqing, southwest China, but died only three days after its discovery.