UK terror suspects killed as drones hit insurgent bases in Pakistan


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Two British terror suspects have been killed in a US drone strike on bases used by al-Qa'ida and allied Islamist insurgents in Pakistan.

Ibrahim Adam and Mohammed Azmir have family links to terrorism. Azmir's brother, Abdul Jabbar, 32, is believed to have died in another CIA drone attack, also in Pakistan, in September last year. Adam's brother, Anthony Garcia, received a life sentence in April 2007 for his part in the "fertiliser bomb" plot targeting London and other cities in the UK.

Adam, 24, from Barkingside in east London, was the subject of a control order while en route to Syria from where, MI5 and Scotland Yard claimed, he had planned to travel to jihadist training camps in Afghanistan or Pakistan. Azmir, 37, who lived in Ilford, Essex, had a Treasury order imposed freezing his assets after he was allegedly involved in funding terrorism.

The two men were believed to have been killed around three months ago when US forces intensified raids using unmanned Predator planes in Pakistan. The raids focused on the Haqqani network, a terrorist group connected to al-Qa'ida and the Pakistani secret police, ISI, which had been carrying out attacks in Afghanistan.

The Foreign Office said it was investigating the reports of the deaths and the Home Office refused to comment. A senior security source said: "We have to be careful about these claims of drone kills because it is in the interest of some to say that so and so has been killed, as that would end the hunt for them. But on this occasion the feeling is that these two men did die in the attack."

Cori Crider, legal director of the campaign group Reprieve, said: "What we need to know is what role the British Government may have played in the killing of two of its own nationals. Did UK officials provide the US with information which helped them to target their attack on these two people?"

At least one other Briton has reportedly died in a drone attack this year.