US tech expert Shane Truman Todd found dead in Singapore was not murdered, judge rules


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An American engineer who was found dead in his apartment in Singapore last year killed himself, a judge ruled on Monday, rejecting suspicions by the man’s parents that he was murdered because of his research into sensitive technology.

The US embassy described the inquest into Shane Truman Todd’s death as fair and comprehensive, weeks after Mr Todd’s parents walked out of the hearings, saying they had lost faith in the process. Singapore’s Foreign Minister said the ruling was based on “incontrovertible evidence”.

Mr Todd’s parents believe he may have been murdered in connection with his research into heat-resistant semiconductors, a technology with civilian and military uses.

The US embassy in Singapore said in a statement that the inquiry had been “comprehensive, fair and transparent”.

The Institute of Microelectronics in Singapore said Mr Todd was not involved in any classified research.