Video: 300-metre-long ice slide becomes main attraction at Harbin Ice and Snow festival

The Harbin Ice and Snow festival is considered one of the largest festival's of its kind in the world

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A 300-metre ice slide has proven a massive hit at this year’s Harbin Ice and Snow festival.

The ice slide, which is one of the longest ever created, has seen people queue for hours in freezing conditions to get the chance to sample the festival's main attraction which opened on 6 January.

The slide is made with giant ice blocks taken from the nearby Songhua River river and has LED lights placed underneath to create an impressive fluorescent spectacle. The International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in Harbin takes place every year and is regarded as one of the biggest festivals of its kind in the world.

It was first set-up in 1963 and this year’s 31st annual festival has been the biggest so far.

Alongside the slide, visitors have got the chance to can take a ride on the , as well as getting the chance to view impressive ice castles and sculptures. 

The city of Harbin is China’s most northern and coldest major city, with an average daily temperature a brisk -13 °C  and the average night temperature an even brisker -24°C.