Video: Bank robber foiled by heavy bag stuffed with cash

The man underestimated the weight of the money he had stolen

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Aspiring banks robbers take note: this is what happens when you try to steal a hefty bag of cash that you can’t carry.

A gunman has been apprehended by the authorities after he failed to make a speedy getaway following a robbery in China – thanks to his heavy swag bag.

Wearing a red helmet and holding replica gun, the man stole the money from a bank after a vehicle arrived to deposit money.

A member of the bank and an armed escort were wheeling the bag of money into the building when the thief struck.

He sprayed petrol in the face of the escort and kicked the member of staff and shot him in the leg before making off with the cash.

Unfortunately, the robber underestimated the weight of the cash, which was around 85kg.

CCTV footage from the bank shows the thief trying – and failing miserably – to put the bag on the back of his motorcycle.

As he tried to get the money onto his vehicle, he was shot by another armed escort and arrested moments later.

The man is now recovering in hospital and says he stole the money to pay his mortgage.