Video: CCTV shows Chinese man destroy two ATM machines and threaten police

The criminal is caught hitting the ATM machines over 20 times before threatening police officers with the weapon

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Disturbing footage has emerged that shows a criminal in China destroying two ATM machines before threatening four police officers with a crow bar. 

The CCTV footage taken from the inside of a bank’s ATM room in the Heilongjang Province in north-east China a fortnight ago, the criminal is captured bursting through the doors of the bank and then using what appears to be a crow bar to smash into two of the machines.

After hitting the machines over 20 times, the thief attempts to grab cash from the machine but is left empty-handed after realising that the cash is buried deep inside the machine.

Police quickly arrive on the scene and attempt to restrain the criminal. Nevertheless, the criminal refuses and uses his crow bar to keep the officers at bay.

The face-off between the man and the police lasts several minutes, and only stops when one of the police officers is able to trap the criminal and pull him out of the room.

The criminal is then lets go of the weapon and eventually gives himself up to police.

According to local reports, the man refused to speak to police after his arrest and authorities are now considering requesting a psychiatric assessment.