Video: Chinese woman rescued from sinking car after driving into river

Pedestrians used their clothes as makeshift ropes to pull the woman out of the river and onto dry land

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Amazing CCTV footage has emerged from China of a woman being pulled from a sinking car after she lost control of her vehicle and drove into a river on Monday.

In the video, the woman is captured driving down a main road in the Zhejiang Province in eastern China, when she inextricably swerves across the road, through the barrier and into the river.

As the car begins to sink, bystanders rush to the river's bank to try and help the out of the water.

Mr Shao, a witness, told a local news organisation that he ran to the side of the river as soon as heard the accident and discovered the driver trying to escape through the car's window.

In the video, it appears as though items of clothing are used as makeshift ropes to pull the woman driver out of her car and onto dry land.

The driver was not injured as a result of the accident, and after spending a day at hospital was able to return home.

The car was later removed from the river by a recovery truck.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

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