Video: Crowd in China lifts a car off woman following crash

CCTV footage shows over roughly 20 people running to the woman's rescue

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Video from China shows the amazing moment over 20 people rushed to the aid of a woman trapped underneath a car following a crash with the motorbike she was riding on with her husband.

The footage shows a white car crashing into the side of the motorbike at a crossing, dragging the bike along the road and trapping the woman underneath the car. The husband luckily escapes but looks upset and bewildered as he searches for his wife under the car.

A police officer who witnessed the accident unfold runs over to the car and helps the husband and the driver of the car lift the vehicle to save the woman. However, they are soon helped by over 20 complete strangers who help the original three raise the vehicle and pull the trapped woman to safety.

According to local reports, she was taken to hospital and is currently recovering from her injuries.

The accident took place last Thursday in Zhejiang Province.

Video courtesy of the AP.