Video: Hero bus driver apprehends two thieves after high-speed car chase

The driver was helped by the victim's husband who jumped onto the getaway car's bonnet as it moved away

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A Chinese bus driver became a hero when he chased down a couple of thieves with his bus after they were caught stealing a passenger’s purse.

The incident that took place in China’s Nantong City in the Jiangsu Province was captured by the city’s traffic surveillance cameras and shows the bus’ driver and the husband of the victim work together to chase down and eventually apprehend the two thieves.

The driver and husband decided to take action after the thieves were seen sneaking off the bus with the bag of one of the bus’ female passengers.

After seeing the two men get into a black car, the victim’s husband gave chase and managed to jump onto the vehicle’s bonnet, clinging onto the car’s wing mirrors as the thieves attempted to flee.

The bus driver then followed the vehicle with the bus and tried to stop the car by trapping it against the road’s barriers.

The thieves' car was eventually cornered by the bus after a short chase and dozens of the bus’ passengers crowded the criminal’s getaway car until police arrived.

Police confirmed that the two thieves had been arrested and were being detained at a local police station.