Video: Lorry carrying fireworks causes huge blaze in 20 car pile-up

The crash was caused after a lorry lost control and was overturned in extremely icy conditions in North East China

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More than 20 vehicles including one carrying fireworks have been burned in a massive pile-up in North East China.

The crash that happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning saw a huge fire, which witnesses say could be seen from a couple of miles away; engulf the cars on the expressway in the Liaoning province.

The crash is believed to have been caused when a large lorry lost control on the road and was overturned.

Vehicles behind the lorry were unable to stop due to the icy conditions on the snow-covered expressway and this caused the major pile-up.

One of the vehicles involved was a lorry carrying fireworks and these were ignited during the crash.

Amazingly, no casualties were reported and witnesses say that the overturned lorry’s driver was able to warn oncoming traffic about the pile-up ahead.

The road was eventually closed so that firefighters could battle the huge blaze and clear the road.

One of the firefighters on the scene said that there was still a danger that the fire could once again reignite and that the fire services were finding it difficult to get water to the accident area due to the difficult weather conditions.