Video: Massive 70-car pile-up in China leaves two dead and 20 injured

It was reported that dense fog that restricted vision to 30 metres led to the accident

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Two people were killed and 12 more were hospitalised after dozens of vehicles were involved in a major traffic accident in China’s Anhui Province on Thursday.

The incident led to a 70 car pile-up, writing off many of the vehicles and bringing traffic to a standstill on the Hefei-Huainan-Fuyang Expressway in east China.

According to reports, the accident occurred during morning rush hour, when the road is at its busiest, and it is thought that heavy fog contributed to the crash. The dense fog, which was said to have restricted vision to only 30 metres, prevented drivers from seeing what was happening ahead of them before it was too late, and it was this that led to so many cars being involved.

In total it was reported that over 20 people were injured as a result of the pile-up, with two people dying from their injuries.

Emergency services have been working for the past 24 hours to clear the wreckage and open up the road once again.