Video: Over 50 dead after bus crashes into oil tanker in Pakistan

The oil tanker was reportedly travelling on the wrong side of the road when it crashed into the packed bus

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Over 50 people were killed at the weekend after a packed bus collided with a fuel tanker on a road in south Pakistan.

Women and children were among the 57 that died when the two vehicles crashed head-on along a road just outside the city of Karachi.

Only a handful of the 60 passengers were able to escape the vehicles that immediately caught fire following the crash.

The majority of those that did survive had been sitting on the roof of the bus. According to reports, the bus was travelling from the coastal town of Shikapur to Karachi when it collided with the tanker that was reportedly travelling on the wrong side of the road.

Only burnt out skeletons of both vehicles were left by the side of the road, as distraught family members waited outside the Jinnah Hospital in Karachi to hear the fate of their loved ones.

Dr Seemi Jamali, who heads the hospital’s emergency department, said they had received 57 bodies but most had been charred beyond recognition.

It is believed DNA tests will be needed to identify many of the bodies.