Video: Policeman dragged on car's bonnet for 300 metres as taxi driver tries to avoid parking ticket

The taxi driver was able to escape of arrest but handed himself into police after the video was released to the public

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A police officer had to cling onto the bonnet of a car for more than 300m after a taxi driver he accused of a parking violation decided to try to run him over in east China.

The incident, which was caught on CCTV, shows the officer being pushed backwards as he attempts to stop the driver and speak to him about a parking violation he has committed.

The footage then cuts to the officer clinging onto the car’s windscreen wipers as the taxi speeds off to escape a ticket. The vehicle is captured travelling with the officer on its bonnet well over 300 m on the busy road before he is flung onto the road.

The driver was able to escape the officer and Chinese were unable to track him down.

He eventually handed himself into local police and was given three days in detention.

The officer was not injured as a result of the incident.