Video: Reckless Chinese driver hits cars and pedestrians in getaway caught on camera

The Chinese man drove off after local traffic police had pulled the vehicle over for a routine check

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A driver in China has been caught on camera crashing into five cars and a number of pedestrians as he tried to escape police in eastern China.

The driver injured a total of four people as he sped away from the authorities after they had pulled him and a companion over in China’s Shangdong province on Tuesday.

The black BMW, who at that time had a woman at the wheel, was initially asked to stop by local traffic police as part of routine traffic checks.

However, after asking the female driver to step out of the car, the man sitting in the passenger’s seat took over the wheel and attempted to drive away from police.

CCTV footage then shows the vehicle knocking into cars and people as it tries to escape the authorities through busy traffic.

During the short chase, footage captures the man smashing into at least four other cars, while pedestrians are seen jumping out of the way of the fast-moving car.

Video: Watch the getaway below

One of the officers who had pulled the vehicle over told the press that he had been hit during the incident.

He said: “The man in white moved from passenger seat to driver seat, then started the car and hit me.

“My first reaction was to push the woman out of the way.”

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Traffic police were eventually able to stop the vehicle after it crashed into a parked bus.

The man fled the vehicle but was quickly found hiding out in a nearby public toilet.

The driver was later arrested for endangering public security, while the woman was charged for driving without a licence.