Video: Rogue ostrich causes commotion by racing cars on busy Chinese highway

The bird was caught on CCTV breaking through a toll booth barrier before chasing a passing truck

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An ostrich caused commotion on a busy highway in China on Monday after he burst through a toll gate and began racing against passing cars.

The bizarre incident was captured on CCTV and showed the bird pushing through the barrier in Jinhua city, before bolting down the Zheijiang Highway.

Police were made aware of the rogue two metre high bird after drivers had reported seeing a it travelling on the side of the road.

The police were eventually able to catch the ostrich up a few hours later on the hard shoulder of the highway.

Watch the ostrich cause havoc below

Traffic police were seen physically pushing the ostrich away, in an attempt to get the bird off the road,.

The ostrich quickly became distracted by the passing traffic once again however, and again tried to race a nearby truck.

The exhausted bird could not keep up.

Officers eventually tracked down the ostriches owners, who said that they had two of the birds at home and immediately phoned the police when they found out one of them was missing.

According to local media reports, the couple had been arguing before the ostrich escaped.