Video: Three-year-old snooker prodigy becomes internet sensation in China

The child practises for five hours every day and is touted to become China's next great snooker star

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A three-year-old boy in China has become an internet sensation after a video was posted online of him exhibiting his extraordinary prowess at snooker.

Wang Wuka may have to use a custom-built platform in order to reach the table, but there can be no denying his potting ability, amazing for someone so young.

The child has been touted to become China’s next snooker star, after the video clip drew the attention of Chinese bloggers when it was uploaded to a number of video-sharing sites.

Yet it may be that Wang’s is more a case of a rare experience than rare talent.

The boy’s father, from Anhui province, is a big snooker enthusiast, and had a table installed in his house not long after Wang was born.

He was encouraged to start practising at the age of one – and reportedly not allowed to have any other toys to play with.

Wang’s father has been stepping up his tuition since then, and they currently put in five hours of hard work a day on the felt.

The boy is also ambidextrous, meaning he can pocket balls with either hand, his father told the Anhui Business News. He said he hopes Wang can one day compete in a youth snooker match, and it is speculated he could go on from there to emulate the country’s current great, Ding Junhui, whose own parents only started encouraging him to play when he was eight.