Video: Tiger rescued after being trapped in fence bordering Indian village

Officials said that the tiger was trapped for nearly 5 hours

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Forest officials had to rescue a tiger on Wednesday after the big cat was found stuck in a fence bordering a village in western India.

Officials were alerted by villagers in the Chandrapur district after they heard the animal growling as he attempted to break free of the fence.

Footage taken by villagers captured the tiger struggling as the fence appeared to be wrapped around the its neck.

According to forest officials, he had become stuck in the evening and had been trapped for over five hours.

When officials arrived, they were able to tranquilise the tiger and eventually transport him away from the village.

Speaking after the tiger had been removed, forest agency spokesman, Chad Hande said: "When we heard that a tiger had been spotted next to the border village our team rushed to the spot to tranquilize him.

"We will now set the animal free in the forest later this evening."

According to the Wildlife Protection Society of India, half of the world’s tiger population can be found in India.