Video: Watch passengers experience terrifying plane turbulence above Japan

The plane had to make an emergency landing in Japan after a number of passengers required medical attention

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Fourteen passengers and crew members required medical attention after an aeroplane travelling from Korea to the US experienced severe turbulence over Japan.

The whole terrifying event was captured on a passenger’s phone as the American Airlines jet encountered problems tens of tens of thousands in the air.

In the video, the majority of the 240 passengers can be heard screaming and crying as the plane violently jolts up and down.

Others can be seen holding hands and praying as the turbulence caused service carts to fall over and pieces of the cabin to break away. The plane which was headed for Fort Worth in Texas had to make an emergency landing at Narita International Airport in Tokyo after 14 people asked for medical attention.

Marc Stanley, a passenger on the flight, likened the journey to a “bucking bronco” and said that at one point he saw one of the flight attendants hit an exit sign on the ceiling.

According to reports, the turbulence was caused by a massive winter storm over Japan.

Passengers continued their journeys to Texas on Wednesday.