Video: Woman saved from suicide jump by quick-thinking firemen and family members

The woman threatened to jump from the window after an argument with her family

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A video from China has captured the moment when a woman's suicide attempt was stopped by quick-thinking firemen and family members.

The incredible footage filmed by a bystander from the road below shows the woman being held by the police and family members moments after she attempted to jump from the 10th storey window of a housing estate in Changchun, north-east China.

According to reports, the woman had locked herself in her bedroom after an argument with her family.

The fire brigade was called when the woman refused to come out, but they could only watch on from a balcony on the 13th floor due to them being unable to access the flats above and below.

The family was eventually able to get into the locked room with the help of a locksmith.

However, when they entered the room, the woman climbed out of the window and threatened to jump.

The woman's husband then grabbed her and was able to hold her at the window until the firemen were able assist him.

After a brief struggle, they were able to pull the woman back to safety.