Watch a truck driver in China perform the most audacious u-turn

Video: The driver even re-arranged road blocks to engineer the silly yet humorous manoeuvre

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For some drivers, if you've missed your exit off the motorway, waiting until the next junction is just too much effort.

So much effort that one driver in China decided that it was easier to just move some road blocks so that he could perform a u-turn and end up in the right direction on the motorway.

By the way, he was driving a lorry.

The CCTV footage from Jiangsu Province on Friday shows the truck driver pulling up on the side of the motorway. According to local news reports, the driver had missed his exit.

So, the driver gets out and moves some metal barriers out of the way in order to create a large gap so that his truck can perform a u-turn easily and continue his journey on the correct route.

The driver appears to have a friend who then helps guide him through the gap in the barriers. Luckily, there was no traffic going in either direction at the time so the manoeuvre is completed without any accidents.

However, the CCTV picked up every moment of the event and zoomed in on the truck driver's numberplate.

The driver was apprehended by police officers at the next exit and fined 200 yuan (£20) for his actions.