Watch crane fight off three tigers in epic battle for survival at Chinese zoo - video

The crane took on three of the world's deadliest predators and lived to 'squawk' the tale

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When faced with three hungry tigers, most animals would not fancy their chances.

If you are a crane, those odds are even more stacked against you.

One crane however, proved that shocks can happen when it bravely fought off three of the world’s meanest predators and lived to “squawk” the tale.

In the video captured at China’s Fuyang Wildlife Park in Zhejiang Province, the three tigers are filmed taking a keen interest in the bird after it made the mistake of landing in their enclosure before feeding time.

As the three cats slowly stalk the crane, it attempts to warn the tigers off by opening its wings and trying to appear as big as possible.

The tigers then pounce, chasing the bird across the grass and missing it by inches.

Crowds cheered the crane on as it evaded the tigers

The crane then decides to turn defence into attack to make sure that crane steaks are not on the menu, and squares up to the two tigers.

At one point, the brazen bird is even seen charging the tigers as hundreds of stunned visitors cheer it on. According to staff at the zoo, the bird was eventually rescued from the tigers’ enclosure and transported back to the safety of its own pen.