Watch driver in China crash car into river and escape unscathed

Video footage shows the dramatic moment the woman plunged into the water

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This driver had a lucky escape after she lost control of her car and veered into a river in China.

The bizarre accident in Xiangshan province, East China was captured on CCTV.

The footage shows the moment the vehicle suddenly swerved to the left and crashed through the roadside barriers before plunging into the water.

A lamppost was also broken during the accident but luckily the driver escaped from the collision unscathed.

The woman was reportedly in the river for 10 minutes before members of the public managed to help her escape from the slowly sinking car.

The female driver was rescued thanks to a quick-thinking passer-by, who used their jumper as rope to help pull the woman from the vehicle.

Witnesses helped the woman to get out through the passenger window and onto the river bank only seconds before the car disappeared under the water.

The car was later retrieved from the roadside river with a crane.