Watch overloaded truck teeter and tip over on motorway in China

A dashcam caught the moment the vehicle fell over

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This is the dramatic moment an overloaded truck toppled over on a major road in China.

The incident happened on Thursday and was caught on the dashboard camera of a car travelling behind the vehicle.

The footage shows the truck swerve as it moves along the road and weave in and out of traffic. At times it slightly sways in and out of its lane, veering perilously close to oncoming traffic.

In one nail-biting moment the truck nearly collides with a lorry travelling in the opposite direction. The lorry is even more overburdened with goods and it is a miracle that the two vehicles don’t crash.

After avoiding the lorry, the weight of the goods on the truck proves too much and it begins to teeter before finally falling over.

It is believed that the accident was caused by an uneven road surface and the amount of cargo the driver had put on the back of the truck.

Luckily, no one was injured in the accident.