Watch runaway water buffalo go on the rampage in China

The animal injured 14 people and damaged vehicles in its path

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CCTV has captured footage of an escaped water buffalo storming through the streets of China and goring people with its horns.

Security video shows the animal attacking terrified people and damaging cars in Sichuan Province, Southwest China.

At one point the buffalo appears to slip over in the middle of a road but it doesn’t stay on the ground for long.

The carnage lasted for 40 minutes until the creature was killed by police, who shot it 10 times.

The incident happened on Sunday (23 November) and left 14 people injured.

Resident Liang Cuirong had to be taken to hospital after she was attacked by the water buffalo.

She was wearing a red coat and bicycle when the animal started chasing after her before it repeatedly trampled on her. It is not known how serious her injuries are.

Just how the water buffalo got loose it still uncertain but local authorities are now investigating the matter.