Watch 'Spider-Man' thief climbing apartment block in China

The man clung to the building for an hour after residents noticed him

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They say that with great power comes great responsibility.

But not for one man in China, who was arrested by the police after he was spotted clinging to the side of a building.

The so-called “Spider-Man”, thanks to his climbing prowess, was apprehended by the authorities on suspicion of burglary.

It is believed that the 20-year-old man was “caught in the act” as he scaled an apartment block in Guizhou Province, Southwest China.

Eagle-eyed local residents saw the man, who was dressed all in black with a face mask, holding onto the metal window brackets between the fourth and fifth storey of the building.

The man remained suspended on the side of the building for nearly an hour after he was noticed.

It was only after witnesses called the police that the man was urged to climb down. He was promptly arrested and taken away. 

The suspected thief is thought to have had accomplices and further investigation is now under way.