'We need Sherlock Holmes', says partner of missing MH370 passenger

Sarah Bajc told the Today programme that a more logical approach is needed if the Malaysian Airlines flight is to be found

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The partner of one of the people missing on Flight MH370 has said a Sherlock Holmes figure is needed to solve the mystery of what happened to the aircraft.

American Sarah Bajc, whose partner Philip Wood was among those on the aeroplane, said a “logical and methodical process”, in the manner of the famous sleuth, was required to find out what happened to the Boeing 777.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Friday, Ms Bajc said that the plethora of theories circulating is detracting from the task in hand.

“I’ve stopped listening to the news because it’s too heart-breaking. There are so many false leads and then they change their minds and then they do something else.

“It’s proven to be better for my sanity to just wait for my contacts in the media to inform me if there is something real.”


But she said she has not given up hope that there could be a positive outcome to what has become the most baffling aviation mystery in recent years.

“We do not really know anything other than that the flight is missing,” she said, going on to question the accuracy and reliability of recent data that suggests the plane ended in a remote corner of the Indian Ocean.

“We do not know anything at all, we can only guess.”

And she suggested that the Malaysian authorities are holding back information: “There is definitely some intentional misdirection here, there can’t help but be.”

She continued: “ I think they’re smarter than this, because if this is how they are behaving there has to be some intention to it. They’re covering something up and I am sure that we will find out in the future."

However, Ms Bajc went on to criticise the decisions of those families who are seeking legal action against the Malaysian authorities, saying that lawyers should wait until a conclusion of sorts has been reached.

“I want to find the airplane and I want to find out what happened to it and I want to find Philip,” she said.

“I absolutely think it’s still a potential that they are alive because there’s no evidence to the contrary.”

She said what the investigation really needed is a “Sherlock Holmes”.

“We need somebody who will look through all of the the dust and find the real string that is holding this entire situation together and I think we still have a lot to learn.”