Window cleaners escape serious injury after platform swings violently on 91st floor

Video: The men were hanging outside the 91st floor

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Two window cleaners in China are recovering in hospital after spending 15 minutes being violently shaken around on their platform, 91 floors up from the ground.

The pair were cleaning the windows of the Shanghai World Financial Centre when their platform began to be swung around in the wind, flying from side to side as the men clung on. The platform even smashed into the building at one point, breaking the window and sending shards of glass falling to the ground.

The Shanghai World Financial Centre is 492 metres high (1,614ft) and has 101 floors, although the men were hanging outside the 91st floor when the ordeal took place.

The violent swinging lasted for a staggering 15 minutes until the men were brought to safety and taken to hospital with minor injuries.

There is now an investigation underway to find out why the platform became so unstable in the wind.